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Caught on Camera: Casper Vandals

Submitted by Matthew Seedorff, June 24th, 2016,,    According to witnesses, a few alleged vandals are going around Casper, checking to see if residents are home, before doing who knows what.  Earlier this week, KTWO-TV exclusively obtained the surveillance footage from one of the homes impacted.  Do you recognize any of the people, messing around outside of...

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Clinton Says She Has ‘Work to Do’ on Trustworthiness

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EU Lawmakers to Press UK for Quick Exit Ahead of Summit

EU lawmakers are meeting in emergency session to discuss the U.K.'s unprecedented vote to leave the EU, set to call for Britain to trigger the exit... Read More

Explosion Rocks BP Natural Gas Plant, No Injuries Reported

Vibrations from the Gulf Coast explosion were felt nearly 10 miles away. Read More