Schools Safety and Precautions

Parents and Students should be aware and take precautions at school pick up and drop off locations. 

Recent incidents, that did not turn out to be real threats, have authorities on alert for perpetrators around schools. 

Schools and law enforcement officials want to remind parents and students to take precautions at pick up and drop off locations. 

If you see a suspicious car lingering around a school, you should call the police and contact that school. 

The incident at University Park Elementary, that was not a real threat, has prompted all school district officials to always be on their toes in case there is a suspicious subject lingering. 

Authorities say a common incident is perpetrators luring kids in cars by telling them their parents sent that person to pick them up. 

If you don't recognize the person, let another adult know. 

As parents wait for their kids to come out from school, it's important to be on a lookout for anything suspicious. 

And with a large number of schools in the Natrona County School District, always report what you see. 

If there is a possible incident of this happening, schools make announcements to parents and students. 

They encourage parents to go over with their kids on what to do and schools offer advice to kids as well. 

School officials and police just want to make everyone aware of the safety precautions, letting them know that there can always be a possibility of these situations. 

They stress if you do notice anything out of the ordinary to report it to the proper authorities.