Holiday Travel Hits the Roadways

Today is considered to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. 

And people are gasing up their cars and hitting the road. 

There is expected to be a high number of cars on the road heading to friends and relatives houses in time for the turkey feast tomorrow. 

Slow down and be aware of others on the road. 

A tip for drivers as they hit the road today for their holiday travel. 

According to AAA about 90 percent of travelers plan to take the roadways. 

Here in Casper, gas prices dropped a few cents, just below the $3.20 mark, the first time in several months. 

Some roadway travelers stopped to fill up their tanks, already having a taste of the holiday hustle and bustle travel. 

Travelers that chose to fly, planned ahead for the holiday commute, and took off a few days before the holiday. 

One thing holiday travelers don't have to worry about are slick roads and poor weather conditions.