Small Town Post Office Closures Placed On Hold

K2's Ophelia Young,  

The closure of small town post offices across the country, including here in Wyoming, has been placed on hold.  Meanwhile, congress is considering alternatives to help USPS' financial predicament.  

41 post offices and 3 mail processing centers here in Wyoming are in jeopardy of closing down, some scheduled to shut their doors as early as next month.  When Wyoming's resident's learned about this, many weren't happy.  

But yesterday, that process was placed on hold.  USPS says they're is asking congress to to lift some mandates.  The first is to reduce the number of delivery days.  The second change would be to no longer require the agency to save for retirement benefits for the next 75 years.  

While these congressional changes will mitigate urgency to shut down facilities, USPS says, closing down post offices is necessary anyway.  The USPS has lost 20% of its principal mail, which are letters and cards, in the last three years.  Without enough customers to offset costs, USPS is losing $100,000,000 dollars a week.  

As a state comprised of small towns and ghost towns, Wyoming could help the USPS's dire financial situation by shutting down post offices that are not cost-efficient.  

USPS assures the people of Wyoming that replacement "village post offices" will serve them just fine.  They asks Wyoming for understanding.