Totes for Hope

Totes for Hope is a program that keeps hungry kids fed though schools in Natrona County. 

It's a program where the community gets a chance to help out hungry kids. 

Some families here in Casper are in need of that little bit of extra help and these totes provide just that. 

Some parents reach out to the schools for the extra help totes for hope provides. 

While other times, faculty informs parents about the program, always keeping the kidos best interest in mind. 

The totes are filled with food from Food Bank of the Rockies. 

Anything from cereal, to spaghetti and sauce, to mac and cheese is available for kids.

Over 200 totes are distributed through the Natrona County School District. 

The totes are filled and sent home with kids on Friday, filled with food for the weekend. 

The totes are stuffed every third Wednesday of the month. 

Volunteers are welcomed. 

There are 800 totes stuffed to prep for the whole month. 

The program is also looking for more totes, or plastic grocery bags. 

You can send bags with your kids to school to help.