Casper Re-Entry Program to be Cut?

The Casper Re-Entry program, designated for men with severe drug and alcohol problem, may lose funding because of budget cuts. 

We attended a graduation ceremony for those who went through the twelve month therapeutic program and to find out what it does for men struggling with the disease of addiction. 

Twelve men graduated from this re-entry program about to enter their community as changed husbands, sons and fathers. 

All of them saying this program is remarkable, not only for them, but for the community they are about to face. 

Many participants skeptical of the difficult program. 

From first thing in the morning, to late at night, the men are taught how to cope with the real world, how to get over their anger and most importantly, dealing with their substance abuse issues. 

Not everyone is eligible for the program. 

They must pass an exam, showing that they are at a level where their addiction is severe. 

In the end, turning around the addicts to successful community members. 

The institution also saves money for tax payers, housing them for half the cost of a Department of Corrections facility. 

The re-entry program offers so much more than what prisons do. 

The legislature will decide next month what budget cuts will be made.