Fatal Accident Driver Sentenced

A teen who fled from a scene of a fatal accident after he hit an elderly man was sentenced today.

After the fair and rodeo last July 17th, a 77-year-old man was returning to his car.  He was crossing Wyoming Boulevard when he was struck by a car.  The driver of that car, Tommy Lee Davison, fled the scene.

Meanwhile, emergency responders tried to resuscitate the elderly crash victim on the way to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Police later located Davisson.  They found marijuana in his home and say he was probably high during the time of the crash, however, prosecutors could not prove that.

Today, the judge gave Davisson four months in jail for leaving the scene of a fatal crash.  While the victim's family says the sentence is merely a slap on the wrist, authorities say there are no crossways in the area of the crash and the elderly victim had parked his car in a spot not designated for fair visitors.