Your Voice. Your Vote: For Natrona County

Your voice. 

Your vote. 

And for Natrona County registered republicans, it was their chance Thursday evening.

All 23 counties across the state are holding their own night to elect their republican candidate. 

And the results are in for Natrona County. 

Rick Santorum wins with 73 out of the 189 votes. 

Mitt Romney was a close second with 63 votes. 

Ron Paul came in third with 31 votes. 

And Newt Gingrich followed behind with 21 votes. 

Community members discussed the crucial issues for the presidential campaign Thursday evening. 

And judging from the larger turnout, voters in Natrona County understand the importance of getting their voices heard. 

Officials said other counties throughout the state will have their results by February 29th. 

And they hope to have an elected candidate for the state of Wyoming by March 2nd.