Classic Lifeguard Starts Medical Flights in F.Co.

 Victoria Fregoso reports,
 Classic Lifeguard, a company that provides air medical services, has opened their newest base at Riverton Regional Airport.
Before now, injured people in Fremont County needing air transportation for medical emergencies would have to wait for an aircraft out of Casper or Salt Lake City.

UPDATE: Classic Lifeguard says they will honor all current membership plans from any regional air transport providers, such as Wyoming Life Flight (click link to go to membership page).

 When facing a life or death situation, every moment counts.
Which is why Classic Lifeguard is opening their third base at the Riverton Regional Airport.

"This could be a good fit for the community here," said Matthew Stein, Program Director and Pilot for Classic Lifeguard Aeromedical Services. "People won't have to wait now an hour for a helicopter to respond to the area."

Classic Lifeguard has two air crafts based at Riverton Regional airport, this Cessna Citation Jet and this Bell 407 Helicopter, which I had the chance to get on board and go for a ride.

The helicopter travels at 150 miles per hour and will be used several different ways.

"Search and rescues, we do scene calls, anything from a sick person to car wrecks, as well as going from one hospital to another," said Mark Larsen, the Chief Flight Nurse.

The jet will be used when the weather is bad and for farther destinations.

"We can get to places like Denver, Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Billings, all those locations we can fly to in under an hour in the jet," Stein said.

Classic Lifeguard has one full time crew on hand that's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

"In health care there is a thing called the golden hour where the person has the best chance of survival if they get to a trauma center within an hour of their accident," Larsen said. "We hope to help decrease that by getting them to the trauma centers as soon as possible."
The crew has a response time of just 10 minutes during the day, and 15 minutes at night. They even have special night vision equipment on board to help with night time search and rescue missions.

"We can work autonomously on our own with our own crews in search and rescues or we can take aboard federal, state or county agencies," Stein said.

Last year the Fremont County Sheriff's Office had 55 search and rescue missions and plans on using the Classic Lifeguard helicopter in the future.

Classic Lifeguard has two other bases in the US, on in Vernal Utah and the other is in Page Arizona.