Riverton To Use Scanners To Track Recycling

 Victoria Fregoso reports, vfregoso@k2tv.com

 The City of Riverton has plans to start a new program to get as many residents as possible to recycle.

 The City of Riverton is now throwing technology, into the mix of recycling. Soon, the city will keep track of who is recycling by the scan of a bar code.

"We will then issue customers bar code stickers and they will put those on their recycling containers and as we pick up the recycling containers we will read that," said Paul Throckmartin with the City of Riverton Public Works Department. "We'll have a bar code reader that reads that code."

The incentive is a discount of $4.25 a month.

As of right now, just over 1,000 households take part in the the curb side program where residents can set out plastics, paper, glass and aluminum in a container outside of their home.
Within the next couple of months, residents will also be able to get that discount when dropping off items at recycle sites through out the city through the Pay As You Throw program.

"We're going to set up boxes that people can take their cards, their utility cards and poke in there and get it to read also. They will put it in and push a button and it will record their bar code even at those locations," Throckmartin said.

John Snell, a Riverton resident, already takes part in the curbside program and he notices the difference it makes in the amount of trash that's sent to the landfill.

"When they first started talking about recycling, they were talking about how much problems they're having at the landfill with the stuff that's going in there and once we started it we actually cut our garbage about in half. So we're contributing half of what we used to, to the landfill."

The city is also looking at setting up smaller, 45 gallon trash cans for residents that have less to throw away. The monthly rate for those will be $26.75 a month without recycling and $22.50 if they do recycle.

Riverton will also begin their Yard Waste program earlier than usual this year on Monday March 19th.