2 More Arrested in Connection with Hudson Arson

Two more suspects have been arrested for the death of two Hudson residents. 
20-year-old Joseph Jude Jenkins of Arapaho and 20-year-old Samantha June Hanway of Ethete were arrested late Monday night in connection with the deaths of Erik Likes and Elva Quiver. Jenkins has been charged with a total of 11 felony counts including first degree murder, aggravated robbery, first degree arson and multiple conspiracy counts. Samantha Hanway, who is also the sister of Laziur Hanway Jr, who was arrested last week, has been charged with nine felony counts for allegedly conspiring as well as aiding and abetting in the robbery, murders and arson fire. 
Both suspects are being held at the Fremont County jail in Lander along with Laziur Hanway Jr. 
Likes and Quiver were robbed and stabbed to death this past November and their home was set on fire.  
All three suspects are scheduled to appear in Riverton's circuit court Wednesday morning. The Fremont County Sheriff's Office believes all of the main suspects in this case have been arrested.