Inaugural Wyoming Veterans Welcome Home Day

Jeff Schuman reports,

Veterans who were improperly welcomed home now have a special day of recognition.

"Today is a special day set aside in Wyoming," Governor Matt Mead said.

A day to honor those veterans who were not properly thanked upon their return.

"People politically didn't appreciate, you know, the fact that we were just doing what our country sent us to do," Vietnam veteran Keith Bausserman said.

"We could have and should have done better," Mead said.

But now, March 30th of every year...

"This year, next year, the following year. Every year."

Will be set aside to thank the brave men and women who left their families to serve our country.

"This is a day that is being observed in our schools. This is a day that is being observed all across our state. This is a day being observed right here in our capitol."

Wyoming is the first state to step up.

"Wyoming took the initiative to start out and now we should be proud of Wyoming," veteran Bob Hoard said. " They started this out and I'm hoping it will travel across the nation and it'll be every day on our vest welcome home."

And give veterans in Vietnam and the Korean War the kind of recognition they are not used to.

"It's just a wonderful feeling to have that now even though its been so many years. It's pretty warm," Bausserman said.

But the kind of reception they deserve.

"We welcome you home, with open arms. With grateful hearts and the deepest gratitude. God bless you all," Mead said.