New Details on Casper Couple Murder Suicide

Submitted By: Liz Cooper,  

We now know more details about the murder suicide that happened one week ago today and took the lives of a Casper couple. 

A K2 News investigation uncovers the criminal history that led up to the tragedy. 

Police now confirm what happened inside the McMillin home last Thursday. 

The couple did have a previous history of violence and officials say alcohol did play a part in last weeks incident. 

And after thorough investigation, we have discovered that Walt had a previous criminal history. 

Authorities say Walt McMillin first shot his wife Jodi, before turning the gun on himself. 

Both died from single gun shots to the head. 

According to court documents, in January of 2006, Walt was charged with assault and battery of his wife Jodi. 

Walt was sentenced to four and a half to six and a half years in prison. 

He was released in September of 2010, only a few months more than the minimum sentence. 

The deaths of Walt and Jodi took place at 8:30 last Thursday morning. 

Casper Police received a call for a welfare check, when police found the McMillins dead in their home on West 12th Street. 

The Salvation Army called in the welfare check after Walt did not show up for work there that morning.