Barrasso Running Again

Coming off of a four-year term in the US Senate, John Barrasso has announced he will be running for re-election.
The Senator kicked off his campaign Tuesday at the Wyoming Capitol with Senator Enzi, Governor Mead and several other elected officials in attendance.
Barrasso says the nation needs a healthier economy, more job creation and an accountable government. He says there continues to be a fight over the role of the federal government, and he believes in less government control and more individual economic freedom. During his four years Barrasso has been recognized as a taxpayer hero, and he continues to serve on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. 
Like Representative Cynthia Lummis, he says he has unfinished business. "[A lot] still needs to be done in Washington to protect Wyoming in terms of our energy resources," said Barrasso. "There is still a lot of work to be done with the significant amount of spending in Washington. Taxpayers want accountability for their money; they don't feel like they're getting value."
So far Republican Thomas Bleming of Lusk, and Democrat Al Hamburg of Torrington say they plan to run against Barrasso.