SUV Crashes into Covered Wagon

We have an update to bring you on the investigation into the unique crash that occurred yesterday between an SUV and a covered wagon.
Authorities are now looking into if the wagon was an original production.
If it is an original model it would not have been required to have any reflective markings.
If it is a reproduction, it would have been required for the wagon to be equipped with them.
The Bureau of Land Management released a statement saying, "We are very sorry this tragedy occurred. We are thinking of the folks injured. They are the ones that need our thoughts right now."
Three people were hospitalized, when the SUV rear-ended the horse-drawn wagon.
The accident happened shortly after noon on 1st street.
Two people were in the wagon, a male and a female, both were transported to the Wyoming Medical Center
The status of the three is unknown at this time.
The female driver of the SUV was reportedly taken to the hospital as well.
The two horses pulling the wagon did not survive.
Witnesses said the wagon and horses were thrown through the air upon impact
Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh described the accident as one of a kind.
The investigation into this crash is still ongoing at this time.
K2's Megan Contreras reports.