Coleman Sentenced to 10-13 Years

The driver who struck and killed a Casper teenager last May will spend the next 10 to 13 years behind bars.
Family members of both Scott Coleman and Jeremy Webb, who died in the crash, packed the courtroom on Thursday morning as Coleman received the sentence for aggravated homicide. Webb's father showed Coleman a picture of his son and said, "I hope you never forget his face." During the hearing, Coleman said to the court, "I'm not the victim, and I don't have words to express sorrow. I pray the victims family can forgive me for their own peace." 
Last May, Coleman hit and killed 18-year-old Jeremy Webb as he was crossing Center street in downtown Casper. Coleman then went on to crash his car into the Goodstein building.
A representative from the Goodstein building spoke at the sentencing as well, saying that the incident was traumatic for employees who worked in the building. Coleman was also sentenced to two to four years in prison for property destruction, running concurrent with his other sentence. 
Coleman's wife Lisa addressed the court as well, saying even before the incident, she feared her husband's mental illness would lead to something bad. 
The sentence was a joint plea agreement by both parties, who acknowledged Coleman's mental illness. However, attorneys said they could not ignore the fact that Jeremy Webb's life was taken last May.