At Least 12 Dead in Colorado Shooting

Federal law enforcement have identified James Holmes as the suspect in the deadly shooting that occurred near downtown Denver early this morning.
At least 12 people are dead, and 50 were wounded in the mass shooting at the premier of the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises".
It happened just after 12:30 am, Friday morning, at the Century Aurora 16 movie theater.
Holmes acted alone, was heavily armed and was wearing a gas mask. He is currently in custody.
Police are currently searching his residence, as Holmes mentioned having explosives in his apartment.
Officials say Holmes propped open the rear door of the theater, put on gear and threw tear gas into the theater, and then opened fire.

There are currently 4 patients in surgery, 2 are being prepped at the Medical Center of Aurora, at least 16 are critically injured from the tragedy.
The youngest victim is a 3-month-old baby, and is now out of the hospital and safe with the parents.