Local Author Talks "The Next President"

Local author, Dee J. Rammell shared his book, "The Next President: How the Man Defines the Office" and talked about the presidential ranking system put together by professors and political analysts.

Book Info: You’ve heard of them, and you even know some of their accomplishments. Allow the former presidents of the United States to re- introduce themselves to you as fathers, husbands, men of faith, or men lacking hope. Your respect for the office will increase, your comprehension of the voting system will expand, and you may begin to consider today’s and tomorrow’s candidates in a different light after reading The Next President.

About the author:
Dee J was not the child who wanted to be president of the United States but, rather, the president’s adviser. With a background in mechanical engineering and a desire to better understand a sometimes elusive US political system, he felt inspired to write a book to share what he has learned about the office of the president. Dee J now resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he and his wife are raising their five children.

For more information or where to pick up your copy of Dee J's book, visit www.deejrammell.com