E.Coli Threat in Popo Agie River

The Fremont County Health Department is urging people to stay out of the middle fork of the Popo Agie River. 
Routine testing of the water has revealed high levels of E.Coli bacteria. The conservation district, which does the testing, says the levels are about twice as high as what's considered normal. 
Ingesting the e-coli bacteria can make people sick, so authorities say you should avoid recreating in the river. Fremont County Public Health official Teresa Nirider says E.Coli in rare instances can be life-threatening, but most commonly causes nausea, vomiting, diahreah, and stomach cramps.
Health officials have posted signs warning of the potential risk if you come in contact with the water. 
If you have any questions concerning the issue call the Popo Agie conservation district at (307)-332-3114.