New Non-Denominational School in Lander

 Victoria Fregoso reports, 

 A Christian school in Lander will close it's doors at the end of the school year. But parents still want a Christian school for their children to attend.

After 14 years of operating the Lander Christian Academy, the Presbyterian Church is ending their teaching journey.
So a board of six members are stepping up to the plate and plan on opening a new school.

"The Cornerstone Christian School is going to be an independent, Non-Denominational school. Part of the idea is that we really want to partner with families and churches, to help raise their kids with a Christian world view," said David Kauffman, Chairman for the Cornerstone Christian school.

Having a Non-Denominational school offers students to learn through a wider biblical perspective.

"A more broad draw, to the Christian community at large, from all of the Christian churches and all of the Christian families," said Jan Siebersma, Vice Chair for the Cornerstone Christian school.

Board members believe it's important to have a Christian school in Fremont County so students can continue to integrate Christian beliefs into school life.

"That most important part of reinforcing what we are teaching at home, in church, in a school atmosphere, is probably the most important reason to send your kid to a Christian school," Kauffman says.

Right now, board members are working out the details such as finances and tuition costs, but they're also looking for a location.

"Basically we need five classrooms and a central large area for lunch and chapel and things like that," Siebersma said.

They would also like to see several churches get involved in the school's operation.

"Being open to the whole community, we're really hoping that we get a lot of involvement from the churches in the area, that can participate and have some ownership in the school for all of Fremont County," says Kauffman. 

If you know of a possible location or would like to get involved, you can email the school board at