UPDATE: 8:49 p.m.
-10% Contained
-It is estimated that 15,284 acres have burned.
-Evacuations are in place: residents are being taken to the Wyo. National Guard Armory at 5905 CY Avenue.
-There are 150 people on mandatory evacuation with another 750 people on advisory alert.
-Casper Mountain, Garden Creek, Hat 6 and Circle Drive/Coal Mountain roads are closed.
-There are reports that seven structures have been lost, with 750 structures, three commercial properties and 100 outbuildings threatened.
-A public meeting will be held at the City Council Chambers tomorrow, September 12 at 5pm and will broadcast on the local cable channel.

UPDATE: 12:54 p.m. 
-The evacuation center at the Wyo. National Guard Armory on Cy Ave. on the west side of town is now open.  They have a medical unit on staff as well as a mental health unit on staff ready to serve the community. 
-The face of Casper Mtn. remains on alert to evacuate at moments notice, as over 750 buildings are at risk.  Mandatory evac. from Sunday night is still in place. 
-If your property is damaged or destroyed in the fire, the authorities will contact you. 
-Again, the fire department is over flowing with donations from the very supportive Casper community.  If you would like to donate, please do so at the Salvation Army or the Red Cross.
-There is a meeting at the Casper City Council Chambers tomorrow night at 5 p.m., the public is invited to attend to discuss the fire plan of action. 

UPDATE: 9:49 a.m. 
Keep your eye in the sky today one DC-10, the World's largest air tankers will be dumping fire retardant on the Sheep Herder. 

UPDATE: 9:14 a.m.
-Fire is now estimated at over 15,000 acres as a result of an infrared flight overnight. 
-Mandatory 150 home evacuation still in order from Sunday night. 
-750 homes on the face of Casper Mtn., need to be on alert to evacuate at moments notice. 
-Evacuation center is no longer at the Casper Rec Center.  They will now be at the Wyo. National Guard Armory *IF* the east face of the mountain is evacuated.  The Parkway Plaza is reported as full. 
-Cooler weather is expected to help with containment today, but erratic winds make the fire's direction difficult to predict. 
-Firefighting efforts are being focused on the NW corner of the blaze to protect the buildings there. 
-The Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team has taken the reins on the fire, but multiple fire agencies are still involved. 
-0% contained. 

UPDATE: 9:21 p.m.- Megan Contreras
Just before 7:00 p.m. another fire broke out in the area of Elk Horn Canyon and it is believed to have been caused by lightning. 
Fire Chief Mark Young says about five acres have burned so far and he has redeployed crews because ensuring this fire doesn't grow is a priority.
A federal type 2 fire team will be taking over and running the show tomorrow morning and this is because the feds can bring in more resources and provide federal funding.
For those who live on the front face of the mountain from the old burn at Jackson Canyon to Hat Six Road are being asked to be prepared to evacuate at a moments notice because of how fast the fire is moving.
The evacuation shelter is going to be at the Casper Recreation Center and evacuees can start going there tomorrow.
At this time, the Red Cross is unsure what time it will be opening.

Sheep Herder Hill Fire Latest (updated 8:22 p.m.): 
-at least 10,000 acres have burned and counting.   
-at least 6 structures destroyed. 

-Mandatory evacuations ordered for areas south of Hat 6 Road, by Casper Mountain and for areas on the mountain past Bear Trap.
-Authorities are also asking people Living on the face of Casper Mountain from the Old Jackson Burn Area East to Hat 6 Road to be ready to Evacuate at a moment's notice. 
-Pets are also being evacuated and displaced. If you can house animals or donate animal supplies or money, you are being asked to call:
     Lisa Craft at 307-265-0387 or 307-262-1415
     Donations of supplies are being asked to be dropped off at 3711 W. 46th Street in the Wolf Creek area.
-The Red Cross is currently working on a shelter location for evacuees.
-Casper Fire Department says they do NOT need any more donations or volunteers at this time.
-Casper Fire Department is asking people to NOT pull over on the side of Wyoming Blvd or drive up the mountain because it interferes with firefighting efforts.
-Authorities are also asking resident NOT to call 911 for fire information, as this can slow their system.