Erin Flanagan - Midwest School

by Taylor Viydo, 
Music has always been a part of Erin Flanagan's life. "I grew up singing," said the music teacher. "From the time that I was little and taking piano lessons. I then sang choir at Kelly Walsh." Her interest in music then took her Casper College before getting a degree from a liberal arts college in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
Flanagan is now sharing her love of all things music back in central Wyoming. For the past four years, she has taught music at the Midwest School. While her background is in singing, she now teaches everything from music history to instruments. "It's very hectic," she says. "In a typical day, I will see at least one choir class, at least one instrumental class - usually middle school and high school, and then two to three elementary classes." 
While Flanagan admits teaching music in Oiler country may be hectic, she says it's a job she loves. "There's just something really neat about music and what it does for people," she says. "I fell in love with music, and I just wanted to hopefully give other kids a chance to fall in love with music as well." 
Flanagan's students not only fall in love with music, but also her distinct teaching style. "She is just fun and outgoing...she's crazy and wild," says choir student Skylar Biriswyl. "She can always smile, no matter what's going on. She's just always there for us," added Chrysler Parks. 
Helping students become better singers and musicians, in addition to developing a love for music, is just one of the many reasons Flanagan comes back to Midwest School day after day. "It's amazing to see some of [the students] develop, and the kind of musicians they turn into." 

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