Sheep Herder Fire Human Caused

Sheep Herder Hill Fire:
From Dave Baker/Natrona County Fire Department Inspector
The Sheep Herder Hill Fire started around 16:00 (4pm) on September 9, 2012. On September 12,
2012 the incident command team for the Sheep Herder Hill Fire called in a wildland fire
investigator out of South Dakota to assist with the origin and cause.  
At this time, with the evidence collected, interviews and scene examinations conducted it is our
opinion that the fire originated on the west end of the fire, off of Circle Drive. The fire started on
the west side of an ATV/Snowmobile trail, 90 feet north of a fence line that runs east and west,
located on the south side of the burn area.
The fire is listed as human caused and the investigation will remain open. The exact source of
ignition is undetermined at this time. 
We were unable to fully rule out the following sources of ignition:
• An intentional set. Although we did not find any signs of an incendiary device. 
• Exhaust from an ATV or motorcycle. There were reports of motorcycles and four wheelers
in the area prior to the fire. We did recover small metal fragments consistent with exhaust
particles from a gasoline engine. The particles were ferrous and showed no signs of
• Discarded smoking material. Although we did not find any evidence of smoking material at
the point of origin, the weather conditions at the time of the fire made it a possible source of
ignition that couldn’t be ruled out. 73°, RH 7%, Wind 17 MPH.

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