Evansville Mayor Says Drinking Waters Are Safe

K2's Ophelia Young reports, oyoung@k2tv.com: 

Across from Tate's Pumphouse in Casper, the former Amoco Refinery leaves a sore that environmental analysts are today still trying to heal. 

The Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) says about 12 years ago, barriers were installed in to the ground by the river to keep spilled oil from creeping into the North Platte River. 

But last summer, the Department of Environmental Quality noticed droplets of floating oil.  It stopped in the fall, but the oil returned the beginning of this month.  In the last week, the droplets turned into sheens. 

DEQ says analysts noticed the sheens two or three times a day for up to ten minutes each time.  There's been concerns over the environment and Evansville's water quality.  Evansville is the only immediate city who takes water from the Platte downstream from the site of the leak.  Today DEQ said, right now, the environment is safe.  Evansville says, even if the leak grows larger, there is no threat to their tap water. 

Right now, neither DEQ or British Petroleum (BP), who now owns Amoco, knows the exact location of the leak, nor do they know how long this will last.  But BP has a remediation firm near the site of the suspected leak, and they're currently doing what they can to clean the water.