Who Was Christopher Krumm?

by Taylor Viydo, tviydo@k2tv.com; Ali Bradley, abradley@k2tv.com
As classes resumed Monday at Casper College, campus was far from normal. 
Students and staff are still trying to come to grips with the tragedy that took the lives of faculty members Jim Krumm and Heidi Arnold. 
On Friday morning, investigators say Jim's son, Christopher Krumm, shot his father in the head with an arrow inside a classroom of the Wold Physical Science Building. After being shot, Jim Krumm fought off his son while students escaped. Christopher then stabbed himself to death before driving a large knife into his father's chest. 
Before coming to campus, Chris Krumm stabbed Heidi Arnold to death in front of her home on Hawthorne Avenue, about two miles Southwest of Casper College. 
Arnold was Jim Krumm's live-in girlfriend and a math instructor at the College. Krumm taught computer science. 

Jim Krumm and Heidi Arnold

Investigators say Chris drove to Casper on November 29th and checked into a hotel with the intent to carry out the attacks.

Before driving to Casper last week, Chris Krumm was living in Vernon, Connecticut where he held a job as a utility worker. Krumm reportedly quit his job just three days before murdering Arnold and his father. 
Before living in Connecticut, Chris grew up in Casper and attended Crest Hill Elementary, Dean Morgan Junior High, and graduated from Natrona County High School in 2005. He went on to get a Master's degree in electrical engineering from The Colorado School of Mines.

Chris Krumm's Senior Yearbook Photo

On October 17th, Chris Krumm applied for a pistol permit which was still pending at the time of the murders. On Friday, Chris shot his father in the head using a compound bow. A classmate of Chris' told K2 News that he took archery classes while at Natrona County High School. 
In the weeks leading up to the killings, Chris Krumm reportedly told a neighbor in Connecticut that he believed his father gave him Asperger's syndrome and should be "castrated" in order to not have any more children. Asperger's syndrome is a mild form of autism. Matt DiPinto of Vernon, Connecticut says that Chris made the comments while giving him a ride home a few weeks ago. 
One of Chris' teachers at NCHS says he was always very introverted and kept to himself. "Chris was very sensitive, and I always felt he was very fragile," said science teacher Anna Wilkinson. "I just know that the young man I knew had a very kind, soft heart. And it breaks my heart that this had to happen." 
A classmate of Chris', who wished to remain anonymous, said "The sad thing is, I always knew he had social issues, but he was always so kind to me...I would have never imagined he would have committed murder, especially of his own father." 
Kim Warren, who was a neighbor of Chris' in Vernon, said she would have never expected him to be a murderer. "Everyone has issues with their parents, but you never expect for someone to go shoot their dad in the head with a bow and arrow," Warren told ABC affiliate WTNH-TV. 
"Chris never spoke to me about his dad," said Wilkinson. "[Jim] always had something nice to say about his son and was always very positive."
Meanwhile, Investigators have determined that Chris Krumm acted alone. Authorities are still investigating all possible motives.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.