Santa Selling Christmas Trees

Submitted By: Liz Cooper, 

'Tis the season for people to get their christmas trees and we have found a perfect spot in Casper where people have been buying their trees for 30 years. 

What better place to buy your tree than from Santa.  

He's been selling Christmas trees here in Casper for 30 years.

So if you're one of those people that think finding a Christmas tree can be a slight pain, well maybe not if you are buying it from Santa Claus. 

Santa is selling his trees in the Rocky Mountain Discount Sports parking lot on CY avenue on Casper's west side. 

And if you want to cut down your own tree, you can get a $7.50 permit per tree from the BLM. 

Designated areas to do so are the Shirley and Green Mountain areas, along with the Big Horns.