1 Arrested in Connection With Holiday Crime Spree

by K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
Police say as many as four people are involved in a holiday crime spree that began with a shopping cart being blown away by the wind at Casper's East-side Walmart. 
One arrest has been made so far. That suspect is Kiram Crowder who faces multiple charges involving larceny, fraud, stolen property and conspiracy. 
The first crime took place in the Walmart parking lot on November 28th. Court documents say a woman left her purse and purchased merchandise in the shopping cart,while she was securing her small child in her car. While turned away, strong winds caused the cart to roll away from the car.

By the time the woman chased the rouge cart down, her purse had already been stolen. 
Following the theft, thieves used her credit cards to purchase more than $1,200 worth of merchandise from at least 3 stores in East Casper. Police also say they used gift cards in the purse to purchase other items, and then tried to return some of it for cash refunds. 
The next incident happened at a Loaf and Jug store on 1900 East Second Street. 
A woman left her purse in her unlocked car, and went into the convenience store. Police say a man watched her get out, while standing at the red-box video kiosk. They say he grabbed the purse as soon as she went inside. 
Again, more than $1,200 in fraudulent purchases were made with that victim's stolen debit and credit cards.
Much of the stolen property was later found in a room at the Parkway Plaza where Kiram Crowder was staying. 
Police say their investigation is continuing.