Police Release Letter Written by Chris Krumm

by K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
Casper Police have released a letter written by Christopher Krumm, the man who killed two Casper College professors in November. 
Two copies of the letter were found on Hawthorne Ave and at Casper College. 
In the letter Chris Krumm self-diagnoses himself with Asperger's syndrome and states that he inherited the syndrome from his father. Krumm also expresses his anger and hatred for his father, Jim Krumm, and his resent that "his country did not castrate him." 
Chris Krumm discusses a variety of other topics in the letter including eugenics and the Chinese government. 
In a statement, Casper Police discourage the public from making "flash" judgments based on the letter. Police also stress that there is no physical evidence that Krumm was ever medically diagnosed with any mental or physical condition. 
On November 30th, investigators say Krumm stabbed Heidi Arnold to death in front of her home on Hawthorne Avenue before heading to Casper College and shooting Jim Krumm in the head with a bow and arrow and then stabbing himself to death.