Murder Charges Dropped Against Broyles

by Liz Cooper, 
The man accused of attacking another man with a hatchet and a knife in a Casper city park last summer, will have the second degree murder charge against him dismissed. 
Robert Broyles entered an Alford plea to a charge of possession of a deadly weapon. That plea carries the same consenquences of entering a guilty plea, but does not admit to the facts of the case. 
In exchange for the Alford plea, prosecutors have agreed to drop other counts, including the attempted second degree murder charge. 
All jail time will be suspended and at Broyles' time of sentencing in the coming weeks, Judge Wilking will decide how long he will spend behind bars for the possession of a deadly weapon charge. 
On July 4th, Broyles and another man got in an altercation in Morad park, where Broyles allegedly attacked the man with a hatchet. Broyles since the incident, has always declared his innocence.

Robert Broyles in a Natrona County Courtroom in July