Cent$ible Nutrition Fights the Fads

With the New Year starting and with that New Year's resolutions, Krista Brown of Cent$ible Nutrition joined us on GMW to discuss how to identify unsafe diets and fads and easy changes to get started on a healthier new year.
Krista shot down the myth of "muscle weighs more than fat" and talked to us about how to lead a healthy lifestyle while looking and feeling your best.
For more information on how to maintain that healthy lifestyle resolution or to find out how to eat great on a budget, visit Cent$ible Nutrition's site.
Cent$ible Nutrition
, University of Wyoming Extension: www.uwyo.edu/centsible or call 307-235-9400 (Natrona County).

Krista brought some amazing facts to our attention about muscle vs fat. Here are some photos to get a better understanding.
1) Image of woman before and after leading a healthy lifestyle... Same weight, very different appearance.

2) Image of woman after leading a healthy lifestyle actually gaining 9 lbs. but appears thinner, and healthier.