Reps Return From Presidential Inaugural Parade

by xavier walton,

It was a little more than three weeks ago when Gary Collins, Northern Arapahoe Tribal Liason, was contacted by the Presidential Inaugural Committee.  At this point Wyoming had no representation at the Presidential Inaugural Parade, and the committee offered Collins the opportunity to select members to participate in Washington D.C..

Because of such short notice, fourteen members of the Northern Arapahoe and Eastern Shoshoni Tribes were selected, however, they were unable to reach the necessary $25,000.  Nonetheless those fourteen individuals purchased one-way tickets, traveled across the country, on separate flights I might add, with no guarantee of return.

So with barely enough money to get there and the uncertainty of their return, they took a leap of faith to represent the great state of Wyoming.

K2's Xavier Walton has the story from the Wind River Indian Reservation to Washington D.C.

The group that represented Wyoming at the Parade is still in debt of $10,000.  If you'd like to help you can contact the Atlantic City Federal Credit Union at (307) 856-1701, ask for the Wind River Dancers Committee account.