Court Overturns Term Limits

by K2 News Desk,
    Cassandra Hager,
The Wyoming Supreme Court has struck down the state's term limits law as it applies to the secretary of state, auditor, treasurer and superintendent of public instruction positions. 
The high court ruling clears the way for current secretary of state Max Maxfield to run for a third term next year. Maxfield has not said if he will run again, but filed the lawsuit claiming the term limits law was unconstitutional. The supreme court agreed. 
But, the court did not rule on whether the term limits law for a governor wanting to seek more than two terms is constitutional. The court followed its previous precedent when it struck down legislative term limits, by saying it will only rule on issues that directly effect the plaintiff. The court says someone not impacted by a law, cannot assert that the law is unconstitutional as it applies to other persons. 
K2's Cassandra Hager reports.