Average Gas Price Lowest in US

by K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
Wyoming is the only state in the country where the average price of regular gas is still under $3 a gallon. 
However not all the news is good: prices are going up fast. In Casper, AAA  says the average price has gone up by 12-cents in the last week to $2.71 a gallon. 
Cheyenne has seen prices rise by 15-cents over the last seven days to $2.78 a gallon. Across the state, the average is $2.94, which is up a dime over last week. The next cheapest state wide average is in Montana at $3.04. 
Across the country, prices have soared 17-cents in the last week, with the average now standing at $3.52 a gallon.