Case of Woman Accused of Luring Kids Moves Forward

by Liz Cooper, 
A Casper woman who allegedly tried to lure two kids away from their parents in Washington Park last summer will now have her case heard in district court. 
After months of mental evaluations and competency hearings, Carol Palomo is now stable to have her case involving two counts of custodial interference move forward. 
Accorindg to police, Palomo tried to lure two girls, three and six years old, away from their parents by claiming to be their friend. Police say the parents, who were about 50 feet away, noticed Palomo talking with the children and called for them. 
Court documents show Palomo turned the one child away, promised candy and a trip to the bowling alley, and then walked with the child's arm in her hand. Both children returned to their parents safely shortly after the incident. 
Palomo's bond was reduced to $10,000 and if bonded out, she would be released in her mother's care and her medication is to be strictly monitored.

Carol Palomo in Court on Thursday