K2 TV Moving to Cable in Cheyenne

Cassandra Hager reports, chager@k2tv.com

KTWO-TV will be be reaching Cheyenne over Cablevision.

On April 26, residents of Cheyenne will have a whole new way to get their news.

Starting Tuesday, Cablevision will be replacing KMGH out of Denver with K2 TV out of Casper on regular cable channel 7, and on the HD channel 707.

K2 Consultant Mark Nalbone says that while the current Cheyenne programming is closely associated with K2, some of it will be slightly different.

"Some of the syndicated programming will be different, just a couple of hours a day.  We're producing a separate, distinct newscast just for Cheyenne with Cheyenne stories, and adding staff to our news bureau in Cheyenne to accomplish that."

Nalbone says this particular venture is especially exciting as K2 TV will be reaching as many as 53,000 homes.

"We're going to cover local sports, government, all the relevant news and national news, particularly keying in on local stories that people want to know about."

With the additional workforce, Nalbone says he hopes the people of Cheyenne feel better informed about their local community.