Alleged Murderer's Case Moves to District Court

Submitted By: Liz Cooper, LCooper,  

The man who allegedly shot and killed his wife on March 27th had his preliminary hearing Thursday morning and will have his case moved to district court. 

Thomas Miller is charged with first degree murder.  

Typically a preliminary hearing gives the defense a chance to argue that there isn't enough evidence for the case to move forward to district court. 

But at Thomas Miller's hearing Thursday, it seemed like the defense was laying out its strategy for a possible trial. 

And when the defense asked the detective about the possibility of someone passing out when they drink, he said he thinks of that as just an excuse in his experience. 

The defense then threw out the idea of event amnesia that occurred to Miller during the incident.  

And another interesting factor in the case, after the preliminary hearing, it's usually up to the judge whether or not the case will move to district court. 

Instead the defense ended saying they believe there is enough evidence to move forward.