Lander is One of Top 20 Towns to Live In

 Victoria Fregoso reports, 
 The state of Wyoming has some of the best towns to live in, according to Outdoor Life Magazine. Six towns ranked in the top 20 and among those was Lander, coming in at number 15.

Cost of living, gun friendliness and huntable species, are just some of the factors Outdoor Life Magazine looked at when picking the top 20 towns to live in.

"Lander and Fremont County has awe inspiring natural outdoor environments, the great outdoors so to speak, left on the the planet," said Matthew Copeland, a Field Instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Which is why the National Outdoor Leadership School chose to put their headquarters in Lander.

"The Wind River Range is NOLS original classroom," Copeland said. "We started operating courses there back in 1965 and it's still our most heavily used classroom and a place that without, I don't know that NOLS could exist."

Another factor the national magazine looked at when picking the top 20 towns was proximity to public lands.

The Bureau of Land Management has 2.5 million acres of land they manage that surrounds the City of Lander.

"Public lands is a unique thing and when I talk to easterners, they often ask can 'I camp out there?' And the answer is yes. 'Do I have to pay for it?' No, you already have, it's part of your public lands." said Brandon Thielke, a Recreation Technician for the Bureau of Land Management.  

There's a wide variety of activities that take place on public lands that draws in locals and out of state visitors.

"Visitors can come to the state and camp or hike and fish and horse back ride and do all those things, for up to 14 days at a time in one place and we welcome that, we expect and hope visitors will come and enjoy the public lands," says Thielke.

Also on that list here in the state of Wyoming was Pinedale at number two, Saratoga at number five, Sheridan at number nine, Rawlins was at 14 and Cody in 16th place.