Where this Storm Ranks

by K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
     Michael Sevren, msevren@k2tv.com 
As that massive spring storm moves east, many are wondering how it compares to other storms that have happened over the years in Central Wyoming. While the storm did dump up to 15-inches of snow in some parts of Casper and 26-inches of snow in Lander, the National Weather Service says it didn't even make the top 20. 
The biggest snow storm ever to hit Lander was between April 21st and April 24th of 1949. That's the winter that many longtime wyoming residents still say is the worst that they ever saw. The historic April storm dropped 52.7 inches of snow on Lander. 
Riverton's 24-hour snow total of 11.6 inches in 24 hours put the recent storm in the top ten all time, but was still well short of a record 17-inches in 1979. 
The Weather Service did not release a single overall total for Casper, but says amounts varied from 11-to-15 inches. But, even the 15 inch number is less than half of the more than 31-inches that fell in a pre-Christmas storm in 1982. 

Lander saw 26-inches of snow during the recent storm.