6 Arrested in Fremont Co. Meth Bust

By: Michael Sevren, msevren@k2tv.com

Authorities in Fremont County have arrested six individuals over the last two days who are alleged to have conspired in the delivery of methamphetamines.
Timothy Pitt of  Hudson, Travis Fauque and Shene Springfield of Lande and Abigail White of Riverton were all arrested on Wednesday. In conjunction with the arrests, search warrants were also conducted in the two-hindered  block of Coal Street in Hudson and at a home in the 1000 block of McDougal street in Lander.

The arrest continued early Thursday morning with Anthony Hernandez of Riverton. When a deputy sheriff first attempted to stop Hernandez he fled a short distance in his vehicle and then ran into his residence in the 300 block of West Monroe Avenue. The deputy was joined by Riverton police officers and a short time later Hernandez surrendered without incident.

The sixth person arrested was Lyle Haukaas of Hudson who was picked up Thursday night. All six defendants have been charged with one count each of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, a felony punishable by 20 years imprisonment and or a fine of $25,000 dollars. 

The arrests arrive as a result of an intensive 2 year investigation focused on the distribution of controlled substances in the Fremont County. The investigation was a cooperative effort between the Fremont County sheriff's office and a multitude of local, state and federal agencies including the FBI, DEA and the wyoming division of criminal investigation.

All of these agencies worked in cooperation with the Fremont County attorney's office and the United States Attorney's office. This investigation is still underway and Fremont County Under Sheriff Ryan Lee says that more arrests and search warrants could be conducted in the near future. At lest four of the  defendants will appear in lander circuit for a preliminary hearing on June 15th.