Casper Man Convicted of Breaking Girlfriend's Jaw

by Liz Cooper, 
A Casper man accused of breaking his girlfriend's jaw in two places has been found guilty of aggravated assault. A jury convicted Kiyon Brown of the single charge on Thursday afternoon. 
Brown was also accused of causing bodily injury to his girlfriend's sister, a misdemeanor charge, but the jury determined he was not guilty.
The conviction comes following a January incident in which Brown punched his girlfriend several times in the bathroom of their apartment. According to both parties, the altercation started when Brown tried to retrieve an apartment key from his girlfriend. During that time, her sister attempted to fight off Brown. As Brown's girlfriend was about to be rushed to the hospital, he stated that she was being dramatic and had "no problem running her mouth" earlier that night.
The girlfriend spent three days in the hospital while doctors waited for the swelling in her face to go down. Doctors were later able to reconstruct her jaw. 
Brown will be sentenced within six weeks. The single aggravated assault charge carries a maximum sentence of 10-years in prison. 
After the trial, prosecutors thanked the Casper Police Department for their hard work and noted the victim's cooperation in the investigation.

Kiyon Brown in court in January.