Pets Rescued From Burning Veterinary Clinic

by Michael Sevren, 
Three men along with police officers put their own lives in danger overnight to save a dozen animals from a fire at a Lander veterinary clinic. 

The Wind River Veterinary Service building caught fire late Tuesday night. Eyewitnesses called 911 after they saw flames and smoke coming from a shed towards the back of the building. First responders arrived on scene around 11:45 to the hospital almost completely engulfed in flames. 
Meanwhile, Lander Police along with three local men busted down a door to the clinic and started to grab as many animals as they could. The three men were Alex Bone, Jake Brodie, and the son of the clinic's owner. Many are now calling the three heroes. 
The fire was confined to the inside of the clinic and has since been extinguished. 
All of the rescued animals have been taken to Lander Pet Connection, including three 12-week old kittens that are up for adoption. The Lander Pet Connection can be reached at 330-5200.