Former Probation Officer Violates Probation

by Liz Cooper, 
A former Department of Corrections probation officer appeared in court Wednesday afternoon for violating her own probation. 
Ruby Maddox pleaded guilty less than two months ago to four counts of petty larceny. In a plea agreement from April, Maddox was placed on three years probation in exchange for a guilty plea to the larceny charges. Maddox was charged with stealing prescription medication from multiple people that were under her supervision. Maddox also stole puppy from one of them as well. 
In court Wednesday afternoon, the defense claimed that Maddox has a pain medication addiction along with a hyperthyroidic medical condition. One of Maddox's doctors was called to the stand, and stated that Maddox's conditions cause her to "leap before she looks." 
A Natrona County judge then reimposed Maddox's suspended jail sentence and reinstated her three years probation, saying she was giving Maddox the benefit of the doubt.