Liz Cheney Announces Candidacy for Senate

By: Alexandra Lehnert,

Liz Cheney formally and publicly announced her candidacy for US Senate for Wyoming this morning at a press conference in Casper. During the conference she discussed why she felt she should run for senate, despite the fact that she is competiting against one of the United States' most senior senators.

Cheney believes our nation is being encroached by the US Government, and that our values are under assault from Washington today.

She feels that Wyoming should be led by a new generation, and that will set her apart from long time senior Senator Michael Enzi.

The announcement for candidacy by Liz Cheney is already creating political waves here in Wyoming and across the country. In an interview, Senator Enzi stated that Cheney told him she would not run if he was running. When asked to respond to this statement in the press conference, Cheney said that Enzi must be confused.

Senator Enzi has the support of many republicans including Wyomings Senator John Barrasso … and Representative Cynthia Lummis, as well as the National Republican Senatorial Committee, but their support for her opponent will not alter Cheney's senate race.

After her press conference in Casper, the daughter of Dick Cheney headed toward Cheyenne for a similar conference.

She plans to travel around Wyoming in an effort to win every vote during what is bound to be an interesting republican primary.