Hereford on Trial for Murder

By: Michael Sevren,

     The murder, kidnapping and sexual assault trial for a lander man began Monday afternoon with opening statements.
     Prosecutors say John Hereford shot and killed his cousin Travis Armajo, and then went to the cousin\'s apartment and forced his fiance to commit sex acts. Hereford\'s court appointed attorney argued that the charges against Hereford do not match the crimes. He says Hereford should be charged with manslaughter instead of second degree murder, and that the only other charge should be one count of sexual assault. The crimes happened last September.
     If convicted, Hereford could get 20 years each on both the murder and kidnapping charges, and another 5-to-50 years on the sexual assault charge.
     The trial is expected to last into next week.

John Hereford Mugshot