Students Learn Dangers of Drinking and Driving

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 It is estimated that someone in the United States will die every 30 seconds from drunk driving.
And with prom just days away for one Fremont County high school, law enforcement officials are making students aware of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Law enforcement, EMT's and the Fremont County Coroner responded to a fatal car accident at Wyoming Indian High School. But not to worry, it was staged in hopes to prevent drinking and driving.

"It's going to represent a real life situation with regards to drinking and driving, the consequences and the significance of drinking and driving involving students," said Lieutenant Frisco Saunders with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The school is hosting their senior prom this weekend and while students across the state make the bad decision to drink and get behind the wheel on prom night, law enforcement agencies and school staff are hoping to prevent that.

"Right before prom we want to help our students understand that we care about them, we worry about them and give them some ideas and tools that they will not participate in drinking and driving," said Michelle Hoffman, the superintendent of Fremont County School District Four.  

Drinking and driving on the Wind River Indian Reservation is higher than the state and national average. And by watching this staged drinking and driving accident, the students get to see how many people it affects.

"And give them a real life experience as to what we do and our response to these types of scenes as well as how it can effect not only their lives but the lives of their friends and the lives of their family and the people that know them," Lieutenant Saunders said. 

For one student actor, this staged scene hits close to home. As he was involved in a car accident and that same accident took the life of his friend.

"It scared my dad and it scared my brothers. They were really scared and a lot of people were scared when it happened. Everyone was afraid that I was dead but I only had minor injuries," said Gabriel Spoonhunter, a student at Wyoming Indian High School.

Law enforcement agencies are working to bring down the number of drinking and driving fatalities on the reservation by education the public with events like this.