Accused Evansville Murderer Faces Judge

By: Liz Cooper,

     The man charged with first degree murder in the death of another man outside Taylor's Sport Bar in Evansville, will have his case heard before a district court judge.
     23-year old Samuel Renner had his preliminary hearing this afternoon, where his attorney tried to argue there wasn't enough evidence to prove the incident was premeditated.
     Evansville Detective Sergeant Bjorklund went through majority of the incident at the witness stand.
     Stating Renner and a few friends were celebrating his bachelor party the night Todd Callies was shot.
     Sergeant Bjorklund also testified Renner told police he was suckered punched by a man outside Taylor's Sports Bar, and that was the man Renner was trying to find, and as he stated... wanted to kill.
     Natrona County Deputy Holschier took the stand as well, stating multiple witnesses saw Renner that night on his way back to Taylor's Sports Bar with two guns and had threatened them on the way over.
     When Renner arrived armed at Taylor's Bar, two witnesses saw him and tried to quote, "keep him out of control."
     One of those men, Todd Callies tried to apprehend Renner but was shot twice in the chest during the altercation.
     Circuit Court Judge Patchen determined there was enough evidence to move the case to district court the first degree murder charge.... because Renner was told to leave the bar, and returned with two firearms.
     Renner will make his appearance in district court in the coming weeks where he will formally plead to the charges of first degree, attempted first degree murder and multiple aggravated assault charges.

Samuel Renner