Casper Bank Robber Caught

By: Liz Cooper,

A17 year old Natrona County High School student is accused of robbing The River Rail Credit Union. This afternoon, Dylan Martin was charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault. Martin, who is a junior will be considered as an adult as his case moves forward. Martin has no significant criminal history, and may be given some leniency, as he faces a minimum of five years in prison for the robbery. Judge Huber asked Martin's mom and dad if they had anything to add before he set Martin's bond at $50,000. His father, who was just released from prison two days ago, asked for a lower amount and said taking his son out of society will only do harm. Police were tipped off that Martin had been spending a large amount of money, including purchasing a car with $10,000 cash. According to police, Martin is accused of robbing the credit union on august 28th....armed with what is described as a bread type of knife. The surevilance video shows the suspect walking from left to right along the counter, pointing the knife at the tellers as they put the money in the backpack. During the investigation, martin told police he did the robbery all on his own and no one else knew anything about it.