Workplace Violence Investigative Report Released

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Xavier Walton,

Casper City Council members continue to butt heads so to speak as the latest issue has hit the fan.

Stemming from an altercation reported to the Casper Police Department on August 28th, council member Craig Hedquist's actions were under investigation by the city for workplace violence.
K2's Xavier Walton was there the morning council released reports from the investigation.

From the smoking ban to the latest controversy with workplace violence, Casper's City Council has somewhat been under fire.  The latest headliner coming after several witnesses heard this being said.

"Are you going to f------ stand up, b----?” said John Patterson, Casper City Manager.

"Are you going to f------ stand up b----," that's not quite suitable for the workplace.

Nonetheless, according to the police report those words came out of council member Craig Hedquist's mouth.  It was that sort of verbal abuse launched an investigation.

"On August 28 when the incident occurred at Poplar, Andrew Beamer- City Engineer, went to the human resources department of the city and filed a workplace violence complaint," said Patterson.

Nearly a month later the conclusion to the investigation was released.

"The findings do conclude that that's not only profane, but degrading, personal, insulting and an invitation to the threat of violence," said Patterson. 

That conclusion was shared with the rest of council, including Hedquist who was present at the meeting.

"At the end of the meeting things got heated and unfortunately it's an awkward situation for council," said Kenyne Schlager, Mayor of Casper.

Hedquist who seemed distracted during most of the work session, perked up once the topic was brought to the table.  However, because he and his attorney weren't given the investigative report prior to the session, he took the high road living to fight another day- figuratively speaking.

"Next step will be for the leadership to meet with council's attorney," said Schlager.

Reporting on a developing story out of Casper, I'm Xavier Walton, K2 News.