WMC Furloughs

Submitted by: K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com

Wyoming Medical Center's top management will be required to take two weeks off without pay before the end of January. The furloughs are part of an effort to trim the hospital's budget by $2 million dollars before the end of the year. The furloughs will affect the top 16 hospital executives, including CEO Vickie Diamond. In addition, the medical center's other 11,000 employees will not accrue anymore paid leave time before the end of the year. Diamond says those employees will lose about 24 hours worth of paid leave time. They can take unpaid time off but will not be required to. WMC does emphasize that there will be "no" layoffs, due to the cuts. The hospital is also conducting a line by line review of the facility's entire budget. A WMC spokesperson says other hospitals across the region are facing similar challenges, in part because of changes in reimbursement from government programs.