Holiday Meal With Troops

Submitted By: K2 News Desk,

While we have the freedom to spend the holidays with family and friends and we are able to do so thanks to those fighting for us over seas. Senator John Barrasso and Governor Matt Mead shared their Thanksgiving dinner today with Wyoming's troops. Whe two traveled to BahraiN to accompany more than 160 members of the Wyoming Army National Guard's 133rd engineering company, who are responsible for all security at that base. After, Barrasso and Mead enjoyed a meal with the troops. The soldiers, who are over halfway through their deployment gave the two a tour of the base and updated them on operations in the middle east. Barrasso says quote...."Governor Matt Mead and I had the privilege of sharing Thanksgiving dinner with Wyoming's troops...we made sure that these troops knew that everyone in Wyoming is proud of their service and the work they're doing to keep us safe and free."